FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What inspires you?
The power and beauty of the Earth. Her grace. Her scale. Her endurance. I love to share beautiful images from places that few have seen. This gives me a sense of true freedom.

What quality of paper/ink do you use for your prints?
I use archival quality inks and papers, typically Fuji Crystal Archive paper or the equivalent.

How large can you print? I'm trying to decide between getting a large picture frame versus covering my entire wall with one of your images.
For regular prints to be framed, I can print up to 59 inches tall, as wide as you desire.

For a full size wall print, I offer a product line of plasticized wall paper with a non-permanent adhesive backing (i.e. you can peel it off later). Typically it takes only two or three rolls to cover and entire wall. Rolls are 59 inches wide with unlimited height, meaning you will have very few seams. Walls prints of 10 to 15 feet are typical, however you can contact me for a quote of any size. The clarity is superb and the colours are vibrant - guaranteed to impress.

Some people prefer to use a single plasticized wall paper print in the place of a picture frame on their wall. Typical prints sizes would be up to 4 by 8 feet for something of this nature, but other custom sizes are possible too.

Tell me about your Space Art Gallery?
Just as I'm fascinated by exploring the Earth, I also dream of exploring other worlds. Unfortunately since the nearest worlds outside our solar system are light years away my only way to visit them is with my imagination. Hence the images presented in my Space Art Gallery - these are places I have imagined on distant worlds then created using a combination of photography, painting, and air brushing. The first planet outside our solar system was discovered in 1992. Before 1992, we didn't know if any planets existed outside our solar system. Since then, 564 more planets have been discovered (this number is constantly growing). Given there are 300 billion stars in our galaxy, and roughly 300 billion galaxies, there is no doubt in my mind that the places I have dreamed up in my Space Art images truly exist somewhere out there.

Do you photograph weddings?
Yes I do weddings occasionally. My prices range from $1000 and up. I typically bring a second photographer to capture candids from other angles as well. I offer a variety of packages depending upon your needs. Simply contact me for a quote.

Do you retouch your photographs using computers?
Yes I do. Although many photographers wont admit it, all photographers enhance their images, even those using film. Film photographers enhance their images using filters, film selection, paper selection, double exposures, and chemical selection/timing during the development process. Computer enhancements allow more control over these technqiues, resulting in better quality prints when done with a professional eye. My goal in retouching my photographs is to present the scene the way I saw it when taking the picture.